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Welcome to my new site.

I am my mother’s daughter, a sister, aunt, Christ loving mother of 3 but most of all I enjoy just being me. I love to sing, so I write poetry and songs and turn some poems into songs. I’ve been on a journey of discovery, healing and finding and loving the beauty inside of me and I’d like to share some of my journey with you. So you may get a poem maybe even a song but it will be from my heart and that of my Father above, so take a walk with me and let’s see where these pages lead.

Take your time and welcome to my blog

Latest from the Blog


This book led the conversation for our first family meeting in ages, God is doing amazing things in our lives but it’s difficult not to worry as both parent and child so we spoke about what I give to God, what I share with others to take on for me and that I don’t tellContinue reading “HUGE BAG of WORRIES”


“Lean on meWhen your not strongAnd I’ll be thereTo help you carry on” When the time comesYou will rise,Stand tall and strongBe there for othersIn times of needOne on whom to depend,Turn to and lean. “We all need somebody to lean on” ©️ Deborah Barrett Nov 2022Lyrics from Bill Withers Lean on me

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