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I am my mother’s daughter, a sister, aunt, Christ loving mother of 3 but most of all I enjoy just being me. I love to sing, so I write poetry and songs and turn some poems into songs. I’ve been on a journey of discovery, healing and finding and loving the beauty inside of me and I’d like to share some of my journey with you. So you may get a poem maybe even a song but it will be from my heart and that of my Father above, so take a walk with me and let’s see where these pages lead.

Take your time and welcome to my blog

Latest from the Blog

All different

#amramble #differences #race #colour #culture #mind #human #poetry I love that were all different Makes the world an excitingand sometimes scary place. But our differences are somethingWe all need to embrace. We are all part of the human race. ©️ Deborah Barrett July 2020


#amramble #design #faith #god #bake #masterpiece #poetry Compliments to the ChefCompliments to the MasterWithout Him in controlThis would totally be a disaster. All the ingredients laid out bareLovingly mixed together with care. The right amount of heatFor the right amount of timeHe knows everything willTurn out just fine. The perfect bakeCovered by His designWhen HeContinue reading “Compliments”


#fun #children #stickman #poetry We came home one windy dayto find some sticks in our wayA closer look made us laughIt was stickman’s cousin on our path. ©️Deborah Barrett July 2020

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